Best Online Payment Gateway For International Transactions From AFFILIGATE – The Safest Way to Pay Online

Affiligate: Best Online Payment Gateway For International Transactions

Payment gateway offered by Affiligate is an e-commerce service that could be benefited by your business. The best online payment gateway service is processing the credit card payment for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Best Online Payment Gateway For International Transactions
Affiligate – Best Online Payment Gateway For International Transactions

At the same time, the online payment gateway facilitating the transactions by effectively transferring the key data between the portals for payments like web-enabled devices (websites) and the front-end processor (bank). For this service, Affiligate plays a vital role in the process of e-commerce transactions by effectively authorizing the payments happening between the customers and the merchants. Thus, the best online payment gateway is important if you are looking for ways to safeguard your sensitive data online.

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Tasks Performed by Online Payment Gateway

When a certain customer places its order from the online store, the payment gateway is performing a variety of tasks in order to finalize the payment transactions and processing:

  1. Encryption – the web browser is encrypting the data, which is to be sent to it and the web server of the vendor. The gateways are the one sending out the data transactions to the payment processor that is utilized by the acquired bank of the vendor.
  2. Authorization Request – the payment processor is sending out the transaction data to the card association. The bank that issues the credit card will then view the authorization request and then make a decision to approve or deny the request.
  3. Fill the Order – the processor will then forward the authorization that pertains to the consumer and merchant to a payment gateway. After the gateway acquires the response, it will transmit it to a website in order to process a payment transaction. On that, the interpretation will take place and the appropriate responses will be generated.

Best Online Payment Gateway For International Transactions

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Other Functions Performed By Online Payment Gateway

The online payment gateways are also screening the orders with a number of tools that help the process become fast and easy. The screening process will filter out the frauds that may possibly come the way. Here are some of the fraud detection tools for online payment gateways:

  • AVs Checks
  • Geolocation
  • Identity Morphing Detection
  • Delivery Address Verification
  • Computer Finger Printing Tech
  • Velocity Pattern Analysis

The best online payment gateways that you can acquire from can even calculate the tax amounts in order to authorize the requests that are transmitted to a processor.

Why Opt for Affiligate as the Best Online Payment Gateway?

Perhaps you are aware that your sensitive data should always be in a safe hand. There are many crimes happening online, which in particular target your sensitive data in your credit cards and other money-related accounts when paying or having transactions online.

Best Online Payment Gateway For International Transactions
AFFILIGATE – Best online payment processor for small business

With this in mind, the only solution is to have the best online payment gateway, which you can only find on Affiligate. For the online business providers, Affiligate can be your most reliable partner in terms of online payment gateway. All over the world, the company had successfully assisted thousands of clients and business in terms of online payment gateway.

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