Channel Manager

Ready Distribution Network for Bursting Revenues

Benefit with indirect revenue. Expand your business to relevant channels where people seek your services.

The channel manager is a comprehensive tool for combining everything you need together at their best to optimize your distribution channel. Marketing is successful only when it connects with people who can be your customers. Use rich features such as license activation, renewal, bulk orders, e-commerce billing, and global payments in a single management solution. The inbuilt automation to facilitate partner support lets you explore new avenues and earn more in commissions.

Integrate Partners with Easy Setup

Simplifying partner participation

Operate a centralized order management system with extensive partner administration features. The web-based, intuitive portal permits one to add or remove partners easily. Simplified controls and PRM integration make it easy to configure your associations, set credit limits, and apply margins for renewals or new ties. Furthermore, grow your business by onboard acceleration to find new channel partners.

The Control Panel

Simplified control features allow the affiliate to customize mutual business ties with business partners. Rich controls include classifying partners by business niche, set credit limits, and margins among other things.

Readymade Templates for Business

Utilize predefined templates for fast partner communications. User-friendly communiqué assists the affiliate to ascertain legal details, and archive sales records or contract documents.

Ready for the World

Manage an extensive network of global distribution channels with world-ready features. Work real time across multiple time zones and set unique marketing policies for target locations. Our business model supports both B2B and B2C formats.

Tip: Affiligate offers an online SaaS solution, accessible from anywhere via any device connected to the net.

Channel Powered Customer Management

Allowing partner attribution

Set up and support assisted service for partners, and cumulatively expand your affiliate network with useful tools. These include features for renewals, add-ons, upsells, and 24/7 support assistance. Enable simple partner attribution to automate self-service features of collecting recurring revenues. Encourage your customers with customizable pricing packages, margin limits, and tiered pricing according to a flexible market.

Optimum Control by Visibility

Automated revenue procedures and centralized management at the channel manager allows full visibility of your affiliate status. The ease of adding and removing new channel partners further simplify the nuances of running a truly profitable network. Further benefits include tracking of bulk orders, handle customer queries for SaaS, accept global payments, create invoice, and garner positive reviews. Automate license approvals by an established system and check business status at a glance.

Managing License Lifecycles

Selling software as a product necessitates license management. Manage your orders by an automated streamlined system of sales tracking, renewed licenses, and license key distribution to new clients. Affiliates have access to an exclusive license inventory that comes with a customizable tracking system. Further feature integration includes invoice billing and sending pre-defined renewal notices when the license is nearing completion. Maintain registration information and renew subscription policies with ease.

Tip: Offer incentives to affiliate partners to share customer information. The channel manager delivers automatic renewal notifications to customers with your commissions deducted. First time purchase discounts serve well as incentives.

Deadline Oriented Order Processing and Complete Management

Rapid Response with Specific Tools

Mitigate all probable bottlenecks in order processing channels. By the time one would take to process a few manual orders, the channel manager automatically checks through hundreds of approvals. Furthermore, the features also automate processing of financial reconciliation, VAT handling, order monitoring, payment collection, and offer full access to sales analytics. With every new processing, the partner receives an automatic invoice that is payable offline or online by different e-commerce payment methods.

The channel manager allows you to customize the affiliate interface to match with the vibes of your website. Offer specific partnership discounts as rewards, manually or automatically on an end-to-end basis for processing the orders. Pursue global trade by assigning specific price lists for partners on different currencies.

With latest features such as partner attribution and automated channel renewals, you enjoy enhanced ability for better renewals, subscription sales, resolving conflicts, and provisioning end customers or partners with a satisfactory business experience.

Empowering Analytics and Reporting

Open your all-seeing eye

Access real time dashboard data on reporting and channel sales to access resources

Notifications extend to all aspects of order processing and shipment.

All new notifications displayed for your easy reckon at reseller/partner login

Design your dashboard conveniently to show the most crucial modules.


Extensive analytics allow fast insight into performance of partners. The control panel delivers multiple custom reports and standard feedbacks into the full picture of your business status. Obtain quick insight into unpaid and pending orders to attune your inventory accordingly. Utilize sales forecasts and customer preferences with your partner/reseller.


Employ forecast predictions to optimize your business on the fly. The channel manager delivers action-oriented reports for affiliates to ascribe competent marketing strategies, wherever applicable. Improve channel efficiency by revenue reviews and discount applications. Look localized into country distribution patterns for assessing weakness and strength factors in individual markets. Allocate performance based rewards on analytic reports.