About Us

Company Overview

We provide a comprehensive e-commerce setup exclusively for selling software services. Our business model combines the best of e-commerce, such as customer support and multilingual payment options to operate a commission based affiliate network of software developers. Ours is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform accessible over any device connected to the web. Although we manage an actual office location in the US, our partnership priorities are localized primarily in Switzerland and the countries of European Union.

Our motto remains to foster a select community of software companies, offering both products and services by an objective of providing pure technical assistance to clients, without ethical controversies whatsoever. Anyone interested in running a partnership with us is requested to go through the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) and see if our association is suitable for your business objectives. We promote both B2B and B2C models for expanding within the affiliate network, and externally to reach more customers, some of whom consider joining us later as affiliates in lieu of excellent business assistance.

Partnering with us entails several key benefits, especially for startups. We provide you with valuable inputs on product development and marketing besides suggesting partner connections. A dedicated 24/7 backend support desk would assist you with invoicing, call center support, troubleshooting, and disputes resolution. You access an established global distribution and merchant service network spanning more than 180 countries. We also provide the SEO support you would need.
Constantly innovate by sharing knowledge and working together with a group of like-minded software companies across all common verticals in this extensive field. We believe in maintaining effective transparency in whatever we do, including payments, centralized administration, dispute resolution, returns, refund claims, and above all automated recurring revenues by commission. Many of our advanced members leave their sites for months on end without missing the paychecks for automatic commission. Check out our well-defined policy guidelines for cookies, data collection and usage, and company administration.