eCommerce Manager

Global Ecommerce for Software Services

Configure and customize for market demands

Affiligate combines the best of e-commerce with affiliate marketing to deliver software services worldwide. Startup companies selling software as a product or service may immensely benefit by participating in our e-commerce based platform. We would provide you the interface to expand your client base across global customer touch points. The seamless solution is easy to set up and grow on the cloud.

Instantly Easy Setup

Immediately access ready distribution channels

Using the flexible e-commerce manager, affiliates find it incredibly easy to set up your online software service. Self-service templates and controls let you define your experience in the best profitable format. Define your business terms and get started with the revenues, almost immediately.

Control Panel

The totally centralized control panel allows the administrator to assign role-based security. Integrated features include self-service controls and context-specific assistance.

Fast Integration

Integrate the control panel with all existing applications such as ERP systems, CRM, and Finances.

Preset Templates

Preset business templates make it super easy to optimize your strategies to gain a strong market foothold.

Online Storefront

Set up quick stores for global selling

Self-help is the best help

Use rich features such as templates, setup wizards, and other facilities to grow your business exponentially.

Multiple Touchpoints Simultaneously

Set up your online shop across multiple touchpoints of customer connection. We support global business for selling software as a product and a service both.

Managing product lifecycles

Easily manage various aspects of your online store by setting up promo campaigns, managing your affiliate network, and generating purchase links among other things.

Optimize Selling Flows

Simple customization of branded selling and checkout procedures allows you to optimize market conversion rates.

Catalog Arrangements

Flexible product and pricing definitions simplify product management

Multiply Sales Figures

Employ complex pricing methods using an advanced product inventory catalog. It lets you define customized packages, bundles, and bulk import /export requirements. Use a single catalog for managing all sales at the direct and indirect channels.


Expand Sales with Great Marketing Tools

Employ advanced experimentation without hiring an IT team

Sophisticated tools such as integrated analytics, A/B testing, and custom reports are crucial for interpreting customer behavior. Grow sales figure by bundling, promotions, remarketing, among other marketing tools.

Focus on Quality for Automatic Revenues

Unified business interface for global payments

Handle global payments with out of the box support for more than 130 currencies across the world. Multilingual support system assists you to increase customer satisfaction by payment routing, multiple payment cycling, and integrated retry logic. Use PCI compliance plus multilayered fraud protection to lock out negative practices.

In more than30 languages and 130 currencies

More than45 payment methods

Complete Order Processing for Customer Satisfaction

Fix multiple models of selling – paid subscriptions, free trials, and Freemium services


The ecommerce manager of Affiligate allows optimum flexibility over using latest business models to scale up the sales. Utilize the numerous features such as freemiums, paid trials, and hybrid models with multiple partners to grow your business exponentially. Use automated license manager to renew or assign new licenses. Our platform provides the best model API sets for furnishing a seamless digital experience to shoppers. You can also adopt innovative delivery and distribution models as they are made available. Maximize customer satisfaction with fulfilling resources for global download, software lifecycle service, DRM integration, key integration, amendments, and SaaS activations.

Manage Full Customer Lifecycle

Leverage each interaction to the best


Scale down client churn and increase retention rate

Employ customized service at all unique customer touch points. Enable your affiliates with self-help portals where they can renew and upgrade their status at the portal. Maximize the potential of abandoned purchases by following up unfinished payments and abandoned carts. Follow intelligent marketing strategies to devise complex selling rewards, promoting deep sales. Follow affiliate network over the phone or via any web contact center.

Extensive Analytics and Granular Reporting

Accelerate Your Overview

Arrive at quick, informed decisions on all aspects of your business. Follow the revenue growth of software products across all verticals, even the most complex ones involving multiple locations across the globe. Keep track of your metrics and verify it with similar periods to develop growth strategies. Work on your sales forecasting as you keep identifying all key areas of improvement.

Financial Reports

Monthly Orders

Account Balance

Revenue Split


Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Events Reports

Renewal Forecast

Top Affiliates

Renewals and Expirations

Affiliate Sales


Top Partners

Marketing Reports

Orders Statistics

Campaigns Overview

Top Promotions

Additional Fields



Email Metrics

Sales Source

Product Options


Trial Conversion Rates

SaaS Reports

Cohorts Recurring Revenue

Subscription Cohorts Churn

Upscale Business Operations and Financial Transactions

Grow your business, and save on infrastructure

Provided with 24/7 support, ready infrastructure, and cloud services, you do not have to spend on infrastructure. The affiliate network delivers competent business assistance across all verticals. Whether you require a specialized software on licensing or as a SaaS operation, all assistance is already available. Furthermore, additional online services in the affiliate system enable companies to manage legal requirements of licensing and renewal effectively. A centralized support system is always available for assistance in financial disputes, whether it necessitates refunds or charge backs.

Refund and Chargeback


Shopper Support