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Digital E-commerce Affiliate Partnership

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept. In fact, it is one of the oldest promotional methods, so much so, that it ultimately lost its huge fan following. However, everything that goes down also comes up with the right opportunity. Affiligate is among the pioneers of resurrecting affiliate networking by combining it with software development and the best of professional e-commerce. Our established network of thousands of digital products spanning across 180 countries allow partners to choose from the widest range of inventory and start earning commissions with assisted business at all levels.

Discovering Targeted Demands

For your eyes only

The success of affiliate marketing essentially depends on connecting with the exclusive requirements of a target audience group. Whether you need to sell your software products or offer it by the SaaS protocol, you should be able to deliver exceptional quality to retain your competitive success. Utilize our authentic analytics systems to understand exactly the necessities of your customers. Access exclusive touch-points and foster communiqué with individual clients to deliver unmatched innovation. Our trained consultants stay at the leading edge of digital innovations to provide you valuable inputs on software development and its practical executions for the market. We offer business in both B2B and B2C modules with a golden chance of earning as much as 75% in commissions.

Resource Rich Platform

All at your fingertips

Affiligate offers its partners with an extensive bevy of amazing readymade tools to grow their businesses. Our support does not end at merely making the tools available. We would also offer free training on how to optimize the potential of these resources to maximize your business. Benefit extensively by our 24/7 support system, customization assistance, analytics, and promotional offers to fine-tune every aspect of your growing business. Adequate communication is an imperative necessity of any affiliate network, and we facilitate instant connection with a global client base over a confidential platform. In addition, our systematic billing and payment system delivers prompt account transfers and complete transparency in the form of detailed monthly reports.

Analytic Strategy Planning

Goals and deadlines

We deliver real time data on the progress of your software products. Our support extends from the development phase to its concurrent execution according to your preferred model. Benefit by the established partner base of Affiligate encompassing more than 180 countries, and constantly expanding across all software verticals. Set goals to achieve them with our tested marketing assistance, whether you offer Software as a Service or a Product. Your success would essentially depend on setting realistic deadlines of product delivery. Our 24 x 7 assistance on possible troubleshooting and resolving communication gaps between valued partners.