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Affiliate Network

Unified Management Self-Service Affiliate Community

Thousands of affiliates selling software and online services

Welcome to Affiligate, a unified affiliate marketing service primarily for selling software as a product or service. We deliver an extensive platform for startups and veteran software services to serve them with all the resources absolute for getting started immediately on global business. The ready infrastructure, 24/7 support, granular control, and e-commerce format assists companies to focus on delivering quality, instead of investing in infrastructure. In addition, a wide range of complementary online services offers legal support and cloud backup as a mutual business within the network.

Easy to Start Up and Get Rolling

Start Literally in Minutes as an Affiliate

Use E-Commerce Format to Host Your Products in the Affiliate Network

The instant a company subscribes as affiliate, it registers as an active part of an integrated business network spanning over more than 100 countries virtually. The E-commerce format is compatible with software selling as both product and services. Connecting the benefits of e-commerce shopping structure within a self-sufficient affiliate network effectively promotes overall growth, internally plus as a whole. Signing up with top running affiliates immediately brings business to your company. We facilitate both B2B and B2C formats of growth. E-commerce marketing benefits include multilingual support, secured encryption, multiple modes of payment, and extensive analytics among other aspects.

Auto Rewarding Platform for Performance Incentives

Reward Performance with Growth Perks

Each Other’s Business

Internal business within the Affiligate network serves fulfilling satisfaction with systematic growth. As the affiliates extend their business with supported promotions, there is a cumulative rise in commissions. In addition, as you establish your network and it starts running in auto organic mode, you get to benefit from an exclusive managerial interface enlisting everyone in your network, whether as customers or affiliates. Utilize the auto-bonus incentives to encourage your network to a greater functioning mode. Easy controls allow you to renew or remove partners according to performance.

Auto Compatibility with Existing E-Commerce Platform

Benefit from backend assistance

Affiligate is a web-based Software as a Service protocol. Latest APIs and cutting edge infrastructure is easily compatible with any existing e-commerce platform. Software businesses already selling their products on online storefronts benefit by extending distribution channels, multilingual support at checkout, fraud protection, and encrypted transactions.




Besides, we provide competent backend infrastructure and 24/7 support. We encourage startups to benefit from the advanced flexibility of our network. You can immediately access unique customer touch points via relevant distribution channels across the world.

Fostering Open Communications

Forget communication breakdown

We deliver excellent newsletter templates to foster professional communications on all possible aspects relevant to mutual business. Forget any chances of communication breakdown and proceed with cementing long-term profitable partnerships.

We keep you informed on all latest promotional events to provide a maximum scope of expanding your business. Email individual partners over encrypted communication channels if you have something exclusive to say. We believe that all problems are solvable by honest and direct communications and do everything we should foster it.

Real Time Distribution Channel Monitor

Granular oversight into the performance details

Keep Flexible Track on your Network Program

Your superior partner would require you to perform, and so would you want from those under your network. The comprehensive system allows extensive tools to facilitate dedicated business so that you can identify excuses of stale performance and jig your network accordingly. Detailed analytics and fantastic real-time reporting help one to detect rewarding business, and the bottlenecks, very fast.

Ultra Professional Program Management

Expert Assistance 24/7 Any Issues

Best Practices Guide and Outsourcing Assistance

Benefit from the widest range of managerial assistance. Experienced consultants are cognizant with handling both technical and financial issues. A centralized control system overlooks performance-based growth over the network and suggests members with effective strategies for growth.