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Affiligate Partner Program

Affiligate Partner Program

An interesting opportunity to help develop the accessibility and sales of your platform. For platform providers, markets and any service that helps enterprise customers to accept payments.

Affiligate Partner Program Agreement

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Your Partner For Success

Whether it is credit or payment, Affiligate’s position as a world leader means we give you many ways to help ensure your success. Here are a few highlights.

Attract Customers Around Globe

With more than 100 million customer accounts and merchant active, Affiligate is one of the payment brands have been recognized in the world.

Innovative Solution For You

Online, mobile or in-store, our payment and credit solutions are constantly being improved to help merchants attract new customers around the globe.

Best Partner & Customer Support

Our team of knowledgeable payment and integration specialists provides you and your merchants with direct support.

A lot of extra features

Access valuable tools, support and resources to enhance your offering to sellers.

Our Solution Pays For Many Partners

Affiligate partners create an innovative platform for Affiligate trusted merchants for unparalleled payment solutions ….

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