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Commerce Cloud

Cloud Platform and Technology

Cloud Platform and Technology

Affiligate SaaS Platform for software e-commerce is endowed with a wide array of great technical abilities. Fashioned after years of experience in the business world, this unique online model combines traditional affiliate marketing with easy trade elements of e-commerce. Our system is especially suitable for ambitious digital startups who benefit by almost immediate access to an extensive global distribution and software commerce network (besides other facilities) to expand their business services. Technical support from us includes SEO cloud backup, high end admin panel, and critical fraud protection.

SEO Cloud Backup

Among the associated services in our software collaboration network, you can find several competent agencies offering cloud backup and extensive SEO support. The optimization process involves seamless integration of existing e-commerce framework with our multilingual system. Ours is an expanding digital business community localized in European Union and Switzerland. Expect the best of cloud security and scalable virtual infrastructure to support your inventory on need basis. SEO services offer the complete range of works your site needs as an independent business entity, and at the same time, you have access to all the benefits of being a part of our business network.

Extensive Admin Panel

The personal administration account offers incredible tools to grow your business network with all the best resources one may need. Apart from extensive real time analytics, the admin panel allows direct affiliate management panel where you can add or remove connections as per business requirements. Develop your marketing strategy with the analytics, use CRM connectors, create an amazing branding strategy, and use a single high-end payment gateway for global business requirements. The technical opportunities offered at the admin panel are virtually endless and typically people learn to explore it well as they advance in the Affiligate network.

Fraud and scam protection

Affiligate employs a well-defined Acceptable User Policy setup to root out chances of any unethical business association right from the beginning. Even then, if a dubious service creeps in, the extensive setup of quality focused business soon points out the anomaly in the service chain. All disputes are attended with utmost importance and copyright claims may lead to disabling of user accounts. Furthermore, applying the best encryption and heuristic scanning, the SaaS platform strives hard to keep away fraud from the network. We understand that one sour apple can ruin the entire sweet deal, so once we find it out for sure, the consequences are always severely banishing to maintain service integrity.