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Global Payments

The World Pays You Commissions

Avail e-commerce benefits by global currency

Affiligate combines the rich features of e-commerce payment systems with software products. The extensive multilingual format permits one to receive payments across the world through secured encrypted channels. Process payments without hassles by providing a localized buying experience at customer touch points. Additional key features include intelligent payment routing by specified algorithm set according to percentage share, full-fledged fraud mitigation, risk management, and automated tax handling.

Accept Worldwide Payments by Easy Setup

Innovative support for worldwide payments

Affiliates can set up fast selling programs in processing global payments automatically. Comprehensive features include support for more than 130 currency systems, more than 30 languages on the pull-down menu, and all possible payment options one may have online. Intelligent routing of effective commissions by multiple centralized regional processors eliminates all hassles of conventional payment gateways. An advanced payment processing infrastructure automatically handles all taxation requirements, negates possible risks, and any scope of the fraud. Integrated retry engine in the payment processor minimizes client churns and assists in clearing all blocked payments.

In more than
30 languages and 130 currencies

More than
45 payment methods

Full Control over Payments

Reap localized payments for sown global growth

Geo-position interface

A smart interface delivers the real-time localized experience to global buyers across multiple time zones. Effective familiarity helps elicit confidence and develop long-term connections.

Money in all colors

Enjoy your burgeoning bank account with revenues dropping in at all colors of money. An extensive automated taxation system effectively processes financing in real time to prevent backlogs in revenue flow.

Pay Anyhow

Multiple payment methods ensure there is no pause in revenue stream due to technical difficulties. One can choose preferred modes conveniently at the centralized control panel.

Complete Back Office Automation

You have support

Expand Networks Minus Back Office Delays

Expand your business network by focusing on delivering optimum quality by your software products and services. The benefit with automated distribution, payment processing, and license inventory. Save time and investment on back office, because the top experts have it for you. Support is inclusive of negotiations, refunds, commission confusions, and charge backs.

No Back Door Risks

Mitigate chargebacks with fraud retribution

Multilayered fraud protection features include both manual and automated controls. Proprietary heuristic scanning ensures genuine transactions by registered partners. Detailed manual review eliminates false positives for legal transactions. Benefit best levels of PCI compliance without the problem.

Specialized APIs

Single integration point for global business

Processing international payments without typical risks

Use specialized APIs to accept payments across the globe by a fluent automated system. Secured credit card storage validates effective PCI compliance. API features extend to License Change Notifications (LCN) and Instant Payment Notifications (IPN), enabling one to scale operations as per requirements.