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Affiligate Digital Commerce Platform For Online Services Companies

Helping Free Economy Grow

Everybody Must Serve Somebody

Inter-dependent fast business demands online has been a key catalyst for the emergence of a virtual free economy. It includes everything and everybody from startup enterprises to multi-billion worth conglomerates. The world works 24×7, and so do we at Affiligate, serving the ethos of fair trade with our valued partners. We present a unique service platform for affiliate software marketing over an e-commerce format. Our established network of affiliates across the world keeps us growing across numerous verticals of software development. Our enrollment is inclusive of B2B and B2C models. We provide support for both ownership transfer and Software as a Service (SaaS) requirements.

Branding without Identity Theft

Adequate branding is absolutely essential for a service to prosper. Enterprises must be able to project a catchy brand image, and back it up with superb services. It is a general rule of thumb across any business vertical, and even more for digital products. The market is extremely competitive and just having a cool tag line would not prevent client churning. One must focus on constant innovations at the cutting edge of latest trends to keep up the top place. As it is a creative field, talented developers invest a lot of time and thought, identity theft is a major problem. Affiligate offers competent identity management tools by partnering with reputed branding management services. Integrating the usual features of e-commerce with software development permits the perfect platform for quality growth.

Platform for Legal Negotiations

Using secured encryption and extensive analytics, Affiligate offers a competent platform for online legal services. Although it is mostly inconspicuous, but you must notice that about 99% of websites have the terms and conditions page. In fact, one must always sign ‘I Agree’ in a set of legal conditions before subscribing as member at any major site! Our comprehensive network is perfect for legal services to prosper by virtue of partnering with the new affiliates for their legal branding requirements in the affiliate model. You would have access to cool digital tools such as subscription engine, renewal optimization, and A/B testing marketing tools. Your successful participation only makes the network stronger.

Best Qualities by E-Learning

Knowledge-sourcing processes such as software development are not for everybody. The world of computing is huge, and it is expanding exponentially every millisecond! The possibilities of learning programming knowledge are virtually endless. Online training facilities simplify this omnipresent demand for excellence. At Affiligate, we work as a community by maintaining all solutions profitably within our affiliate network. This helps us to grow together and serve as a standalone conglomerate of motivated services. All services offering digital learning expertise over virtual classrooms can definitely grow very fast with our association. We also accept companies offering language training, accounts management, and marketing resources.

Keeping up a Backup

Proper backup maintenance is essentially the backbone of the digital storefront. Benefits of backup include data security, data archiving, performance analytics, and established templates for fast deliveries. By being a software e-commerce affiliate, our network requisites extensive backup and storage solutions. Since our service areas prioritize startups, the guarantee of a running business is always available. We welcome all hosting and backup services including cloud based solutions. If you are also starting as a hosting and web development provider, you would not have to look very long within our network. The ready setup of established affiliate network, analytics, and 24/7 support enables a company to start virtually right away on the high road of success.