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Solution For Startups & Developers

Quick Starter for Startups

Enroll Your Startup Service to Roll Right Away

Startup entrepreneurs benefit from the immediate leverage at Affiligate digital marketing platform. Spanning an established global market base to more than 180 countries, a startup service readily connects with exclusive touch points of individual and corporate client base. With an expanding inventory of thousands of software products, an ambitious enterprise is always welcome with the guarantee of all-round support. Benefit by the cutting edge creative inputs on programming and digital packaging from our experienced professionals in a failsafe model of commission based partnership. We support both B2B and B2C models, as ownership transfer or Software as a Service.

Not Just Bank Transfers

Most online software services work on a standalone mode in receiving payments via bank transfers. However, a full-fledged e-commerce business model diverts special attention to facilitate payments, which one would not typically find with a software website. Affiligate combines the best of e-commerce infrastructure virtually with the service mode of a digital development firm. As a result, affiliates enjoy extensive management control over payment gateways and expand their trading horizons significantly. Our support extends from development, merchandising, improvisations, innovations, packaging, SEO marketing, to revenue recovery tools. Empowered affiliates constitute the strength of our partnerships and it is not very late that you start to earn right away.

Go for the Globe

Ambition is the foremost precondition of success. Unless you have the capacity to think big, you would be missing out the competitive advantage significantly. With an established affiliate network spread across the world, our system allows entrepreneurs limitless chances of expanding their business. Of course, your service should be exceptional to maintain consistent success, and we are here to help you with that from start to continuity. Utilize our multilingual platform for global currency transactions, the analytics to interpret audience expectations and competent APIs for instant PCI compatibility. The e-commerce oriented software marketing platform also empowers entrepreneurs to manage VAT and other tax compliances smoothly.

Edgy APIs for Expansion

With our cutting edge system at your support, leave the promotional development to us. Developers can focus on innovating excellence, while we deliver the most comprehensive set of edgy APIs to embed your e-commerce business just anywhere. Use the REST and SOAP protocols to add subscriptions and update client base automatically. Easily set up pricing groups for various product categories for quick integration of your commercial enterprise at any touch point. Seal big deals with a promise of quality customer experience in billing and renewal of existing subscriptions regularly.

Have Your Own Store Now

Employing the features of standard e-commerce in digital product market offers unmatched advantage to startup services. Get your store set virtually in minutes after you join our worldwide affiliate network. Utilize the amazing analytics features to study your customer base in extensive details as you keep striving for the perfect software solution. The horizons to explore are virtually limitless across all verticals of product development, including CRM, Web apps, cloud hosting, and even e-commerce development packages. Fluent payment and billing facilities empower you to elicit trust and regulate a growing business systematically. 24 x 7 support is available at all phases, right from innovation inputs to resolving communication blocks.

Flawless Market Compliance

With a ready infrastructure for market compliance, you do not have to spend time and resources to develop a target audience. Together, our affiliate network continues to grow as a productive community based on mutual cooperation. Access extensive analytics to specify your development schedules and to deliver real-time SaaS by a string of fulfilled deadlines. We integrate all business models from free trials to subscriptions and freemiums for B2B and B2C services. Get set in no time, all ready to multiply your revenues manifold.

Expand with Attendance

Expand your business at a steady pace by attending more and more customers through realistic marketing. We believe in maintaining a consistent rate of growth instead of handling rapid assignments simultaneously. In the latter case, you may fail with delivery commitments and compromise on product quality. Instead, concentrate on meeting client demands flawlessly, while you keep expanding your affiliate network and in-house workforce for cumulative expansion.

No Revenue Recovery Slipknots

It is actually weird how the corporate world keeps losing billions annually through shopping cart slipknots and unspecified payment processes. However, a smart startup can immediately make it gain where others are losing due to a serious lack of revenue infrastructure. With our extensive APIs, e-commerce payment models, and 24/7 support, you get to recover all the lost taxes by closing vital loopholes. Revenue recovery tools offered by Affiligate include abandoned cart marketing, A/B testing, and encrypted information transfer besides multilingual payment modes.