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Subscription Billing

Trusted Subscribers

Strong Customer Relationships for Long Term Revenues

Affiligate provides a diversified digital commerce platform in the affiliate marketing model. Our service specializes in promoting software products and services across multiple verticals. We support both B2B and B2C enterprises as modes of expanding our network. Attracting subscriptions and keeping them happy is an integral part of our business profile. Set up your startup immediately with us to begin with, a ready internal subscriber base as you proceed to sell external customers.

Retain and Service Customers

Deliver the Optimal Mix of Self-Service and Assisted Support

The centralized customer management system and role-based access offer affiliates the best of both worlds. You enjoy the 24/7 assurance of assisted support and the empowerment of self-help in running a successful affiliate network of yours. A single interface delivers insights into both customer and subscription data, providing deep granular analytics to decode the perfect business strategy. Just as you benefit from the centralized support and incentives from above, you pass over the same to customers in your network. Empowering your network with rewards, incentives, and fast billing delivery further grows the chain for recurring revenues rolling in.

Empowered interface

Comprehensive self-service interface empowers customers for motivated partnership.

All subscription data

All the subscription data you need is accessible in a neat, organized manner at your channel manager interface. Obtain a 360-degree view of subscriptions, pending amounts, entitled incentives, renewals, and more with dynamic account management tools.

Reduce Churn

Reduce client churning by focusing on quality delivery as a priority. The advanced automated CRM and 24/7 backend support for all aspects let you with more time to grow your business.

Real-time support

Partner affiliates and the support staff stay in touch real time with live video chat and text chat support. We are always available to help with complex transaction bottlenecks such as co-terminations, refunds, contract amendments, trial extensions, credit card updates, and billing discount trials among other things.

Always Be There

Always there, around the globe

Multilingual Phone Support

Offer multilingual phone support to your customers for a comfortable shopping experience. The backend desk also assists in delivering multilingual emails to customers.

Prompt Response

Avail the benefits of backend call center support on toll-free US numbers to attend customer queries promptly.

Design the Details

Design the details of your customer support experience for branding. Provide branded call center scripts and bulletproof fraud mitigation with heuristic scanning at every touch point. Develop branded shopping domains with a creative affiliate.

Empowering Self-Help

Offer empowering self-help service to customers to manage your workload and expand your network by quality focus. Automated renewal, rewards, and revenue systems encourage business expansion.

Customized Rate Plans

Manage complex subscriptions

Set advanced rate plans to develop a customized performance oriented business network. Check out granular analytics on partner participation to develop customized pricing combinations. Set recurring, one-time, or ‘as usage’ pricing plans to meet customer dynamics in complex business deals. Simplify invoicing and consolidate payments by integrating the usage fees into renewal costs.

Seamless Lifecycle Management

Retain Subscriptions Rewardingly

Prorate Integration

Comprehensive billing rating engine auto-calculates pro-rate charges and integrate it with regular invoicing.

Multiple Terminations

Automatically consolidate billing charges for subscriptions with different expiration dates. Continue with those you need to renew.

Frequent Upgrades

Benefit by one of the most innovative SaaS platforms, frequently updating its services by the latest compatibility.

Offer Rewarding Renewals

Offer multiple methods of renewals to your customers to encourage them in mutual business. Affiliates can renew subscriptions through channels, self-service, or automatically according to the subscription plan.

Renew for the Best

Grow with us


Providing simplified renewal options encourage customers to continue business as affiliate partners. Automated renewal systems work by the set mechanism of dedicated customers operating web-based services in your software as a product or service. Self-service assistance enables clients to renew their license by paying the required formalities before continuing with mutual business as full partner attribution. Extend discounts and incentives. Customers can also renew indirectly through subscription channels.

Regular Upgrades

Provide regular upgrades to your customers on the advanced e-commerce platform of Affiligate. The advanced rating and billing engine automatically prorates and align charges. Multilingual support and automated TAX deductions further simplify the process with all latest fiscal policy changes integrated. Offer the latest discounts and promotional deals on new products through newsletters and call center support.

Analytic Big Picture

Micro to macro insights

Fractal Oversight

Extensive analytic features allow managers detailed insights into the micro and macro perspectives of customer interaction. On-page customer behavior stats allow critical insights into providing the best user experience. Detailed reports delivered include trial conversion rates, renewal forecasts, expirations, and performance data on any pre-defined metric. Use the advanced support engine to determine macro and micro level strategies for best results.

Location Centric Data

Utilize location-centric data to manage your subscription business across the globe, by different regional conditions. Cultural and local values carry comprehensive impact into defining business strategies. Combine the analytic feedbacks with local culture research furnished by the adequate affiliate support team.