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The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program 2017

The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program 2017

Do you know why many affiliate marketing services are so famous? It’s because they provide support to their merchants and affiliates for a small fixed charge. This service is given by thousands of companies. Thus, if you are looking for the best eCommerce affiliate program that can help you with your affiliate concerns, maybe Affiligate is the one you’re looking. This review will tell you how this affiliate marketing service can help you.

What is Affiligate?

Affiligate is the best ecommerce affiliate program service that offers a comprehensive e-commerce setup exclusively for selling software products or services. Their business models combine only the best of e-commerce like multi lingual payment options and customer support to work a commission based affiliate network based on affiliate network of software developers.

The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program 2017
AFFILIGATE – The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program 2017

What makes them the best ecommerce affiliate program among others?

You will find other affiliate marketing services provided to the merchants through affiliate networks includes the provision of the support to the merchants by several channels like telephone calls and emails. Affiligate has that kind of solutions too.

– Affiliates
– Developers and Startups
– SaaS and Online Services Companies
– Software Vendors
– Latest Product Release
– Global Payment
– Commerce Cloud
– Marketing and Merchant Services
– e-Commerce Manager
– Subscription Billing

High paying affiliate programs 2017

Affiligate takes proud of their amazing solutions by increasing the global sales figures, retaining customers by commissions and comfort, automatic market momentum, centralized recurring revenue automation, trusted across the globe and are equipped with relevant global distribution channels.

The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program 2017The company makes use of comprehensive global distribution structure spanning every possible customer touchstone. Every affiliate has access to crucial conversion, marketing and retention tools to make way rewarding in customer engagement.

They also offer pre-defined communication templates as well as extensive control features that will guarantee you to motivate the customer to stay visible of the recurring revenues. Affiligate makes use of latest authorization strategies including retention tools like heuristic scanning, together with bulletproof fraud elimination setup.

Best affiliate networks

Affiligate helps startup through an established global store within days. This support includes more than 45 payment options, over 130 currencies, and more than 33 languages. They also conducted experiments with some innovative business models such as services on demand, pay as you go, register, freemiums, hybrid and test cooperation.

The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program 2017For those startup looking for a solution how to improve their business, has the perfect solution. Startup entrepreneurs profit from the fast leverage of the platform. Covering an established global market base to over 180 countries, the startup service connects with special touch points of the corporate and individual client base.

To sum up, there’s no doubt that partnering with Affiligate is the best ecommerce affiliate program as it involves several key advantages, particularly for startups. They offer valuable inputs on marketing and product development apart from recommending partner connections.

They are also equipped with 24/7 backend support desk that will help you with dispute resolution, troubleshooting, call center support and invoicing. Plus, you can also get access to an established worldwide distribution as well as merchant service network that spans with a more than of 180 countries.

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