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What Is Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Trends 2017

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Trends 2017

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing pertains to a performance-based marketing wherein businesses reward one or more affiliates for every customer or visitor brought through the marketing efforts of the affiliates. This industry has four major players namely merchant, network, publisher and customer. Markets have grown exponentially which results in the emergence of the second tier players which include affiliate management agencies, specialized third-party vendor, and super affiliates.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Trends 2017
What Is Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Trends 2017

To some degree, affiliate marketing tends to overlap with more other methods of internet marketing for the reason that affiliates frequently make use of standard advertising methods. These methods usually include Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Pay Per Click, paid search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing and more. On the other hand, the affiliate sometimes makes use of less orthodox strategies like publishing service or product reviews offered by partners.

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The Stages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is said to one of the oldest types of marketing wherein you will refer someone to a particular product online and when that person purchase the product based on your personal recommendation, you will get a commission out of your marketing effort.

The various stages of affiliate marketing include the following:

  • Online shoppers decide to purchase an item
  • They landed on an affiliate website
  • They will now be redirected to the site of the merchant
  • Shoppers finally make the purchase and merchants will reward the affiliates for their effort
Unveiling the Affiliate Marketing Trends 2017

When talking about affiliate marketing, individuals can’t help to also talk about the latest affiliate marketing trends 2017. These might include and not limited to the following:

  • Going Mobile

This is probably one of the highly noticeable insights and that going mobile is one of the most vital trends in affiliate marketing today. This is certainly something that most brands have been seriously working on for several years now, however, the need to employ such strategy is not going anytime soon. This is said to be clearly grasped if you will stop thinking about the revenues associated with the mobile apps. These money-pouring numbers and incredible capital-raining fantasia have actually risen since 2011 and all through projected over 76 billion US dollars in 2017.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Trends 2017
Going Mobile – Affiliate Marketing Trends 2017
  • Refer-a-Friend-Option

The affiliate businesses are expected to concentrate on “refer a friend” model since this option helps businesses reduce CPA. For the previous years, growth and fame of mobile usage, as well as internet usage, has become more fully developed. So in 2017, this affiliate marketing trend will surely be on the rise.

  • Content Marketing

This is another reigning affiliate marketing trend 2017. Quality contents are proven to earn more credibility and significantly promote brands. These also give insights to products that need to be sold. Either product-based contents, engaging contents or whatever might need of high-quality contents will never lose its importance.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Trends 2017

  • Coupons and Cash Backs

Many individuals are always interested in good bargains that is why coupons and cash back-based affiliate business can’t be dropped. These affiliate marketing trends allow individuals to save money and give them reasons to come back and once again engage with affiliate sites.

These are actually just a few of the various affiliate marketing trends 2017 that are worth your attention.

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