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Why Affiligate

Software companies are welcome to a One-of-a-Kind Affiliate Business Experience in the e-Commerce Format.

We deliver a Maximized Digital Platform by the Software as a Service model, accessible over the web for startups looking for an instant breakthrough into the global market.

Leverage the benefits of 24/7 Backup Support, Granular Analytics, SEO & Cloud Backup, SEM & Global Distribution, plus the standard advantages of multilingual payment options one finds in E-commerce. Grow as an integral part of the network and expand your own customer base with assisted consultancy. Associated services are inclusive of automated revenue collection, refunds, charge backs, subscription billing, license renewal and revocation along with legal assistance.

Make Affiliates Great Again

Increase your global sales figures

Retain customers by comfort and commissions

Automatic market momentum

Centralized recurring revenue automation

Relevant global distribution channels

Trusted across the globe

Regularly Grow Your Global Sales Figures

We deliver customized e-commerce format suitable for selling software licenses and services across an established global distribution network. Rich features of this comprehensive platform include easy e-commerce integration, front office call center support, backend invoice processing assistance, affiliate management tools, multilingual currency options, subscription management, tax duties, and legal consultancy. Subscribing with us enables you to:

  • Helping startups to set up an established global store within days, if not in hours (support includes 45+ payment options, 33+ languages, and 130+ currencies)
  • International merchant services allow a company to access any global market without the accompanying tax hassles, risk prevention, VAT, local customer support, and multilayered fraud prevention.
  • Experiment with various innovative business models (hybrid partnership, freemiums, trials, subscriptions, pay-as-you-go, and on-demand service)
  • Overcome time zone constraint with real-time transactions across a centralized control system
  • Intelligent payment routing and multiple payment processors reduce client churnings and recovers grey zone revenues

Maximizing Customer Retention Rates

We employ a comprehensive global distribution structure spanning all possible customer touchstones. Affiliates have access essential conversion, retention, and marketing tools to work your way rewarding in customer interaction. Pre-defined communication templates and extensive control features ensure you encourage your customers to stay on visible commitments of recurring revenues.

    • Manage all aspects of the entire customer lifecycle. Decide the best strategies for acquisition, activations, upgrades, renewals, retentions, and up-selling by vital rich analytics feedbacks.
    • Have all you can even in the discarded revenue streams such as abandoned carts, incomplete payments, last minute drawbacks, invalid refunds, and charge backs by our effective follow-up system.
    • Develop powerful acquisition strategies for increasing conversions with integrated marketing methods such as A/B testing, online promotions, and inbuilt merchandising among other things.
    • Utilize latest authorization methods including heuristic scanning and other retention tools, along with a bulletproof fraud elimination setup.

Market Access Momentum

A comprehensive combination of self-help and centralized support enables even a startup company to set up a global distribution partnership literally within days. The distribution channels span all possible customer touch points across more than 100 international locationswith established local merchant services to handle tax, VAT, payments, and other legal hassles. Localized front desk customer support promoting your unique brand text is just another great feature in the array of benefits one is privy as a part of the affiliate network. Backend software, billing, backup, and technical troubleshooting assistance is available 24/7 so that companies can primarily focus on delivering best innovations.

  • Set up your e-commerce store quickly over a single integrated web-based platform. All existing e-commerce websites can be easily integrated into the existing system to maximize its opportunities. Manage subscriptions with advanced incentive and marketing tools.
  • Automatically adapt to changing business conditions in one of the most cutting edge online market segment.
  • Mitigate the time and cost investment on back office requirements by outsourcing crucial responsibilities to a full-time support system. We look after your PCI compliance, client communications, and international VAT/tax necessities with established global merchant systems.

Effective Subscription Billing for Recurring Revenues

A combination of self-help and automated subscription management service from Affiligate lets you the ready space to grow globally, and fast. Retain your customers on the long-term mutual association for rewarding commission based partnerships by the affiliate e-commerce model. Access your control panel for the following benefits.

  • Configure customized billing plan strategies depending on the common business purpose. Provide applicable options such as auto-recurring payments, on-demand service, one-time service, usage-based in the SaaS model, and customized pricing plans with complete flexibility.
  • Optimize your website user experience and use custom API templates for a satisfied customer base.
  • Utilize seamless, no-strings attached subscription lifecycle aspects with pro-rata settings, upgrades, renewals, and co-terminations as and whenever applicable according to trading wisdom.
  • Meet local customer needs in various global locations by multilingual facilities in call centers, billing, payments, invoices, risk & fraud elimination, and licensing.
  • Extended granular analytics offer critical insights into customer psychology. Simplified automated systems allow the site manager full control over licensing details, performance stats, and confidential credit card information (provided under top PCI compliance) immediately.

Leveraging Advanced Global Distribution Channels

Expand your business via internal affiliate network and external customer associations. The combined model of B2B and B2C offers an established affiliate the competency to acquire new businesses and grow. A startup company also has ample space for individual growth into one of the top affiliates by an intelligent use of available resources. Established merchant bases in international destinations simplify tax, VAT, legal requirements, billing, and payment processing.

  • Expand your sales force with an established network of global affiliates and resellers.
  • Access relevant distribution channels where there is a significant demand for your software service or product.
  • Provide the benefits of automation and self-service controls for adding or removing partners and affiliates as per the requirements of a rewarding mutual business.
  • Access advanced analytics and reporting to define various aspects of your product development and promotions.

Reliable Industry Pioneers

The software segment is one of the most dynamic, diverse, and competitive market zones globally. Computing specializations offer a virtually limitless array of verticals to explore and maintain a consistent standard of quality automation delivery. Keeping up with this high paced service in an affiliate e-commerce framework requires equivalent technical fluency in the experience delivered to our affiliates. Companies trust us for we show how it is done to resurrect an almost obsolete marketing model for selling the most high-end digital experiences via an e-commerce platform. Feathers on the crown include:

  • Trusted partnership worth millions in daily transactions with more than 4000 international software companies spread across 180 global destinations
  • Unparalleled expertise delivered at all aspects of surviving together in a heavy competitive market
  • Heavy duty protection against risk and fraud threats by a multipronged strategy of manual and heuristic scanning
  • Front desk and backend support delivered par excellence for everything you need to establish your company globally very fast
  • Affiliage business model has been recommended by top industry leaders for its unlimited flexibility and transparent centralized governance

Specialized E-Commerce for Software Products

Assisting Affiliates on Multiple Fronts

Executive Management

You have access to a wide array of tools and resources to capture valuable leads proactively based on detailed analytics.

Quickly grow your business across an established network of global distribution channels. Adapt on the fly with flexible business models to meet with the widest varieties of business requirements.


Subscribing with us immediately lets access to a tested and scalable multi-tenant SaaS platform with highly effective tools for overall business management. You literally spend nothing extra on the backend and front end infrastructure and resources. Save time and money by providing your customers with branded local customer support and 24/7 troubleshooting assistance.

Integrated interoperability with our rich set of APIs effortlessly integrates your technology stack with the network. Migration from an existing e-commerce platform to ours is incredibly easy as well. Provide self-service controls to allow even non-technical users to benefit from automated participation. An active team of competent professionals is available 24/7 to manage risk, PCI compliance, invoicing, and fraud prevention by a centralized administration. Decommission redundant partnerships and renew rewarding ones with incentives. Focus on delivering quality products while you save valuable time and resources.



Acquisition is where digital product marketing begins

Although acquisitions mark growth milestones for a top company, but they should not stand as motivational deterrents for further digital promotions. Utilize the wide array of advanced marketing tools including SEO support to grow cumulatively. Operate cross sells, up sells, conversions, and incentive allocation by a highly customized mode. Offer comfortable shopping experience with multiple payment options by the multilingual support.


Develop unparalleled product promotion campaigns with the resources to stay ahead of the competition.

Utilize the benefits provided by self-service controls and configurable templates for launching the latest products attractively. Use custom pricing plans and latest product packaging strategies to sell combo packages across all verticals in software service. Lock long term revenues by automating renewals through a centralized licensing system.

Legal and Security

The Separate risk from tasks with careful planning and multilayered fraud prevention applications.

We deliver an experienced foundation trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide. Our established merchant network across 180 global destinations simplify distribution access minus tax, VAT, legal, and payment hassles. Nevertheless, should there be any problem; we are always available with the best support system. Fraud and identity theft prevention methods include heuristic scanning, supervised manual overview, PCI compliance, encrypted payment channels, and regular technical troubleshooting.